A NFT you’ll want to get hooked on...

Be a part of the FINAL drop of the DIMEZ NFT collection!

A unique, ranked collection created from 66 attributes on the Solana blockchain.

# NFT = % of Followers





From the alleyways of Solana...

A unique collection of 2222 dynamically rendered 3D dime bags with hand-illustrated attributes
[ Marketplace Available Post-Mint  ]


We’ve hand-drawn all our DIMEZ attributes, giving you a 100% original piece of art, not some copy-paste NFT.

By using the touch of an actual human hand, we hope this gives the project a special value.

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Minting in:

[ Sept 24, 2021  04:00 UTC ]

Restrictive NFT Count

WARNING - You likely will NOT be successful in the drop

First ever project to utilize this concept!

# of mintable NFTs = 42.0% of DIMEZ Discord
membership count on day before drop

The drop is intentionally designed with the odds against you; only a fraction of people truly interested in the project will actually secure a mint!

The Technology

Trusted contract and
minting operations

Our Solana Smart Contract and minting scripts are  the same resources used by other successful Solana NFT projects. In fact, they’re now even more improved upon and efficient.

development team

From our artist who hand-illustrated each of the attributes, to our blockchain developer ensuring a smooth mint, we are committed to creating a one-of-a-kind project you’ll be psyched to show off.

The Future

Connect your wallet to visualize your DIMEZ in badass 3D rendered environments, then share the screenshot to friends.

Frequently asked questions

So wait, how many NFTs in the drop?

Final # of mints available = 42.0% of DIMEZ Discord member count. Snapshot will be taken the day before the drop and server membership will be then locked.

UPDATE: Final count for drop was calculated to be 2222 NFTs

What are the minting details? How do I mint a DIMEZ?

They will cost .39 SOL each. Only one DIMEZ per txn but can do unlimited txns (while they last!).

Minting will only be done on a private mint website shared EXCLUSIVELY on our Discord server. Earlier members of the server will have access to the link before others in ‘waves’, giving those loyal the first dibs!

Growing the Discord will not lower your chances of getting a mint any lower than they already are. Our final mint count is a fixed relative percentage; meaning as the Discord grows, so does the available mints, (max. 10k).

Measures will be taken within Discord to prevent minting link leak and other common mint day shenanigans. Sollet or Phantom wallet accepted. Official minting price to be announced very soon!

Where will the secondary market be?

DIMEZ is listed on DigitalEyes and Magic Eden.

What can I do with my NFT?

Whatever you want, really... BUT We will be rolling out some cool new features on our site to visualize your DIMEZ in different 3D micro-scenes that you can then screenshot and show off.

What are the future plans for this project?

Additional NFT Collections, giveaways, additional marketplace exposure. Join our Discord server for all the latest announcements and roadmap plans.

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